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Death of Me by TheSnowDragon Death of Me by TheSnowDragon
Finally, after all this time, I managed to finish this.

I started working on this drawing in October 2012. Since then I've doodled on it a bit, but most of the time it collected dust in my art folder.

The creature in the drawing has received the nickname, The Burning Fiend. TBF is sort of a myth in my story, Demon Whisperers, and he will appear in the comic itself. He was born through this drawing, and it will be interesting to work with him in the future.

The whole inspiration to this creature and drawing came from the melody "Death of Me", made by *mnrART. He used the melody in this game: [link]

I'm really happy this drawing is finally finished. I hope you like it!

Art, TBF, DW Me
Crafekster Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
woah jeeze calm down! This is superb! One nitpick, the area to the right is quite empty. maybe not. Because rethinking of it abolishes the nitpick. kudoss other fukerr, your magnificent.
Commoncroc Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, this is awesome.
Bastidores Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Sometimes words can't explain such pieces of art because of how a person feels. It's hard to explain how one feels but for you I'll at least try. The whole idea of this scene is very emotional. The flowing dark ambient atmosphere, with the rays of light from eyes reach gives it hope. The emphasis of both the small tree growing in the light and the very detailed character shows how they can relate to one another. I'm not too sure about the left tree's proportion, it was a nice choice, but in my taste I think I would've stayed with the theme of a rocky, dead area with just that one tree pushing it's way to the light. The embers are something I'm dearly impressed with. How they flow in the wind, same way I feel about the flames. I think the smoke rising up into the air could've been worked on a bit more to make less apart of the lighting and more coming out of the character and flowing into the wind. The last thing I'd like to mention is his arm. Very well shadowed but it doesn't really give my eye the pleasing feeling I have with the skull part. Over all this drawing is missing some balance here and there but not enough to really complain about. I enjoy your work and I hope to see more detail pieces like this soon. =)
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March 27, 2013
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